Fitting an Xbox 360 into a PS3 case just may make your eyes bleed

Well it finally happened, Microsoft's Xbox 360 was fit into a Playstation 3 case. This May be able to fool your friends into thinking you had enough money for you, but look at it twice and you will see that there is something very strange about it. For one there is a big hole in the front.

Now I have done far more than my fair share of chase modifications, but this is one of the ugliest, near failed attempts that I have ever seen. The hole in the front was made to allow access to the DVD drive, which could not be made to fit the now useless front-loading slot on the side. He went ahead added two fans to protect from overheating, which were soldered in what looks like house fire starting fashion.

The metal casing around the main board was cut pretty horribly rather than just removed altogether. Also the hard drive is just placed loosely on top of the DVD drive, which does not look good to me. To top off this beast there seems to be no way of actually holding the internal components in place.  All of the loose wires shooting out everywhere will not hold out when fans and hard drive rock around inside. Is it me or is something being powered by a 9V battery?