FitScales reworks Wii Fit as Android health accessory

Shane McGlaun - May 2, 2013, 6:37am CDT
FitScales reworks Wii Fit as Android health accessory

There’s a good chance if you own a Nintendo Wii you also own the Wii Fit. Back when the Wii first launched, it was one of the most popular accessories for the Nintendo Wii game console out there and Nintendo sold the units in droves. After the controller novelty wore off, many people stopped using their Nintendo Wii and there are huge amounts of we Fit accessories hidden under entertainment centers and in closets all around the country serving no purpose.

If you’re on a fitness push and you happen to have a Wii Fit laying around and an Android device, a new application is available allowing you to use them together. The application is called FitScales and is specifically designed to work with that Nintendo Wii Balance Board. The app allows your weight information to be sent to other Android fitness application such as Fitbit or RunKeeper.

Apparently, setting up the app and getting it to work with the Wii Fit accessories is rather simple. All you need to do is install the app and launch it, select your height for accurate BMI measurement, and then connect the services you use. Once you have the app running, you press the red sync button on the balance board and wait for the board to calibrate with the application.

Then all you do step on the Balance Board and it will weigh you. Reports indicate that the Nintendo Wii Balance Board and FitScales combo makes for a very accurate scale. The app works on Android devices running Android 2.1-4.1 and the app is free to download.

[via Modaco]

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