Fitbit's most recent app update hints at future snore detection feature

It looks like Google is preparing to roll out a couple of new Fitbit features, including the ability to detect snoring while you sleep. The functionality was found within the latest Fitbit app update for Android, though it isn't yet available to users. As well, the code revealed an upcoming noise detection feature that listens for ambient noises while you sleep.

The latest version of the Fitbit app started rolling out to users on Android yesterday. The folks at 9to5Google did an APK teardown and found evidence of an unannounced feature called Snore & Noise Detect. With that, a Fitbit wearable will be able to monitor nighttime noises using its built-in microphone, using it to detect noises and snoring.

The feature description explains that Fitbit will find a baseline noise level at night, then use an algorithm to detect whether louder noises are from snoring or something else. Users will see their (or their partner's) snoring frequency listed in one to three categories: none to mild, moderate, and frequent. Those who are 'frequent' snorers are snoring 40-percent or more of their time spent asleep.

The microphone will also provide a label for the general noise level in your sleeping environment — including snoring — with the range going from 'very quiet' to 'very loud.' Users will, based on the code found in the app, advise users to charge their wearable before going to bed if they plan to use the sleep noise monitoring feature due to the battery demands.

The microphone noise monitoring will start once the wearable determines that the user has fallen asleep. 9to5Google also found evidence that Google is working on a 'sleep animal' feature for Fitbit, one that will possibly include things like a tortoise, dolphin, kangaroo, bear, hummingbird, and giraffe. Users may also soon get sleeping profile designations like 'short sleeper' or 'restless sleeper,' but when these features may arrive remains unclear.