FitBit update brings better tracking of activity and calories

Nate Swanner - Jun 26, 2014
FitBit update brings better tracking of activity and calories

Fitbit has released an update to their service today, adding the ability to keep closer tabs on yourself at just bout every turn. A new fitness tracker aims to be a little more proactive, and some new food logging features might get you to watch your diet a little closer. The two updates also work in tandem to give you feedback on how to attain a healthier lifestyle.

MobileRun, FitBit’s method for monitoring your running stats, will keep track of you between mile markers on your run. Now you’ll know when you need to kick it into another gear to beat your best time. Your stats will also work better with the FitBit dashboard, crediting you for steps taken, calories burned and active minutes during run routes.

A new exercise frequency calendar keeps you on track in a macro sense, showing you when you worked out. It culls data from your runs, naturally, as well as logged exercise. Users can also switch music tracks right form within the FitBit app, saving time and hassle.


The Food Logging feature now only lists those foods that have “vetted, credible nutritional data”. You’ll also get suggestions on caloric intake based on your activity level, and recommendations on how many steps to take to burn your calories off.

A barcode scanner in the app now lets you scan what you eat, keeping you logging with ease. A quick-calorie estimator also takes into account what you make to eat, taking into account what you’ve put on or in your meal based on their database. If you had a burrito, but added chicken or something else, FitBit can estimate how many calories that would be.

Easy Meals will take those things you love to make yourself and accepts them into your data. Did you really like that burrito, and make it for yourself a few days later? Now you won’t have to try to re-teach the app how you eat.

A calorie coaching feature will work with you to attain goals, too. Want to lose a few pounds? Calorie coach will tell you how much exercise you should be getting, as well as what foods you should eat. It’s all done in easy to read charts, too, so you can glance at your stats and keep exercising and eating right.

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