Fitbit tells some Sense owners to return watch over ECG issue

Fitbit Sense, the company's wearable with advanced health-tracking features like ECG and SpO2, is the subject of a new email advising some owners to return their watches for a replacement. The reason, according to Fitbit, is a hardware issue that may affect the device's functionality, necessitating a replacement with a fully-functional unit.

The issue came to light when some Fitbit users posted on the company's community forum seeking confirmation about the emails they'd received. In the message, Sense owners are told that a hardware issue with their wearables had been found that 'could affect its ability to work properly.'

The email advises the customers to use a provided prepaid shipping label to return the device and get a free replacement unit. Users are advised to keep their original accessories for the wearable, including the band and charger. Users are told to reply to the email with relevant details like name, shipping address, and phone number.

Fitbit confirmed the validity of the email in response to the posts, advising the customers to reply to the email with the requested details to get their replacement Sense units. Though the email and confirmation posts do not specify the hardware issue, the company told The Verge that it has to do with the ECG function, which may be faulty in fewer than 900 watches sold around the world.

It's important to note that ECG functionality — which depends on a feature in the Fitbit app — is designed to monitor the user's heart rhythm and detect potential issues like afib. This bug can, according to the report, cause the app to provide 'inconclusive' readings.