Fitbit snore detection arrives, but you need certain models to use it

Fitbit's previously announced Snore & Noise Detect feature is now rolling out to users, but it is only available on certain models. The feature is designed to help users learn about the noises at night that may be reducing their sleep quality. You'll need more than just the Versa 3 or Fitbit Sense to use the feature, however, which is limited to premium subscribers.

News about the Snore & Detect feature first surfaced back in May as part of an APK teardown by 9to5Google. Fitbit later confirmed the feature's existence and it is now rolling out the new functionality to its app and wearables. The feature is powered by the microphone found in the Versa 3 and Sense.

The Fitbit app, once a user gets access to the new feature, will present a new 'Check for snoring' card under its Sleep page. Enabling this feature will allow the wearable to listen for and analyze noises to determine whether they're the result of snoring — including from a partner or someone else in the room.

The noise detection takes place every few seconds, meaning it will have a noticeable impact on the wearable's battery life. As a result, users are advised to charge their Sense or Versa 3 to at least 40-percent battery before going to bed. Upon waking up, the Fitbit app will show a report about any snoring and other noises detected during the night.

Users are able to disable the detection feature whenever they want; Fitbit also enables users to delete their Snore & Noise Detect data. Fitbit notes in its app that the data is used to detect noises, as well as to "improve our products and services, and research and develop new ones."