Fit pill could treat obesity and related disorders

If you watch the health reports on the news or read any health related material online or in print and you will generally run across some articles that are talking about the obesity epidemic in America and other countries. There are a number of health issues that come from being overweight and many of them can be lethal if not treated. One of the best treatments for the obese and the disorders that go with being overweight is exercise.

The catch is that some are simply too ill to exercise. Researcher are now claiming that they have created a pill that is promised to give the person taking it the same benefits of exercise, without having to exercise. The hormone in the pill is being called irisin and occurs naturally in the body. According to the researchers, this hormone is found in normal muscle cells and triggers the calorie burning effects of exercise.

Experts from Harvard Medical School believe that the new hormone could lead to treatments for obesity, diabetes, and possibly even cancer along with all sorts of other conditions that can benefit from exercise. So far, the medication has been testing in mice and in tests, the researchers found that glucose control improved and the mice lost small amounts of weight. It will be a long time yet before the medication hits the market.

[via Telegraph]