Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is back, and now it can make real calls

If you were a child at any point in the last 60 years, there's a decent chance that you're familiar with the Chatter Telephone from Fisher-Price. Perhaps due to the fact that the famous pull-toy looks a little out of place in this age of smartphones, Fisher-Price announced today that the Chatter Telephone is getting an update. While the Chatter isn't losing its rotary phone design, it's getting some enhanced functionality in the form of Bluetooth connectivity.

The Special Edition Chatter Telephone, as it's officially called, can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth to make and receive calls. In addition, Fisher-Price says that the Chatter will be compatible with both Android and iOS. Today's announcement even confirms that the rotary mechanism on the Chatter can be used to dial calls, while the handset functions as it would on a regular phone as well.

So, if you're old enough to remember the absolute thrill of dialing on a rotary phone, it looks like you'll get to relive that here. The Chatter also comes with a speakerphone button that you can press to get more people in on the action. It even keeps the wobbly eyes of Chatters past, with Fisher-Price noting that its four wheels technically make it a mobile phone.

The Chatter is charged via what appears to be a microUSB cable, with Fisher-Price saying that a full charge gives the phone 9 hours of talk time. Bluetooth range is limited to 15 feet, while total charge time clocks in at four hours.

It's an interesting twist on a classic toy, that's for sure, but it seems like this special edition isn't a permanent addition to the Fisher-Price lineup. Instead, the company says that it will only be available while supplies last, suggesting this is a one-off launch. You can find it exclusively at Best Buy beginning today for $60.