First of many Starcraft 2 Battle Reports get released

Blizzard has released the first of what is to be a series of Starcraft 2 battle reports. This video is a match from the alpha version of the game – narrated by lead designer Dustin Browder and e-Sports team member Robert Simpson – in which Matt Cooper and David Kim play a 1-on-1 match as Protoss and Terrran.

Anyone who has been surfing the Internet trying to find any and all information about Starcraft 2 has really hit the mother load with this video.  The video shows you basic features and gameplay of the new Starcraft installment. The maps in Starcraft 2 appears to be larger than in the original making it hard for the players to locate each other, this should extend gameplay even more.

The video is a pretty decent length at 20:45. They didn't happen to give us a release date or even public beta information, so it looks like we all can go back to playing WOW for the time being. With all that we have seen, Starcraft 2 appears to be a very worthy title, now if only we had that release date.