First Music Video Shot Entirely Using iPad 2

Now that the next-gen iPad has two cameras with one capable of HD video, why not put it to good creative use. Remedy Films shot an entire indie music video for singer Eddy's song "Need" using not one iPad 2, but four. One of them even makes a cameo when the singer films herself for a frame within a frame shot.

The 5-minute video took roughly 5 hours to film and 12 hours to edit. Add to that another 8 hours waiting in line at the Apple Store to purchase four of the next-gen iPads. Although the tablets weren't designed for cinematic purposes, that didn't stop the production team from treating them to some professional mounts, with one on a steadicam rig, one on a Kessler Crane Cineslider, and another on a hand held rig. The fourth one was held by the singer in a few shots of the video.

We've seen music videos and even short films shot using unconventional gadgets before, but this is the first to surface so far using the iPad 2, which was released just one week ago. It will be interesting to see what creative works will come as more people get hold of the device that is currently high in demand and short on supply.

[via TUAW]