First Monster Hunter movie trailer is definitely weird and kind of cool

After last week's teaser, the first trailer for Monster Hunterhas arrived, giving us our first full look at the movie. Thus far, it's been somewhat difficult to gauge the Monster Hunter movie, and it seems that fans are probably cautious heading into this release given the general quality of video game movie adaptation across the board. Still, if you're a Monster Hunter fan, there are two very big reasons to give the trailer a watch: Diablos and Rathalos.

Diablos and Rathalos are two of the most recognizable monsters from the Monster Hunter universe – particularly to Monster Hunter: World players – and they seem to play a large part in the movie's storyline. That's particularly true of Diablos; though we're offered a few glimpses at Rathalos throughout the trailer, Diablos definitely gets the lion's share of screen time.

The narrative for Monster Hunter is pretty straightforward, as a team of UN soldiers led by Captain Natalie Artemis (Milla Jovovich) are transported through a portal to the world these monsters inhabit. Once in this new world, they join forces with monster hunters to attempt to figure out a way back home.

While the UN soldiers seem to prefer firearms like rifles and rocket launchers, we do get to see Artemis wielding dual flaming daggers at one point, which is definitely a call out to Monster Hunter's weapon system. All in all, the trailer is a strange one, but for fans of Diablos and the Monster Hunter mythos, it might also be pretty cool. Unfortunately, we don't get to see any Palicoes in the trailer, which is certainly a bummer.

For the moment, Monster Hunter is due out on December 30th, 2020, but there's no telling if the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will push that release date back at all. We'll undoubtedly see more trailers and stills from the movie soon, so stay tuned.