First Look At The Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock Guitars

The next installment in the Guitar Hero series finally has a complete name. It will be known as Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. They have also given us some pictures of the guitars we'll be using to rock out. All guitars in the game will be Gibson, as they have signed an exclusive deal with them. That's actually pretty cool, because Gibson makes some great guitars.

Each system will have its own unique wireless controller, though all three of the next-gen consoles will have a variant of the Les Paul. The guitar for the Wii appears to have a complete Wiimote installed in it. No word on whether it is built-in, or if you simply insert your own. The PS2 variant will include a classic Kramer.

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As for in-game guitars, we'll see over 20 different classic and modern Gibson guitars, with a total of 80 finishes that can be unlocked. The listing of in-game guitars is as follows:


· ES-335

· Explorer

· Firebird

· SG

· Les Paul

· V-Factor

· Super CES400

· Marauder

· Corvus


· Casino

· Coronet

· Sheraton


· 650

· Vanguard

Bass Guitars

· Marauder

· Corvus

· Les Paul

· LP Double Cutaway

· EDS 1275

· ES335

· Firebird

· Flying V

· Moderne

· SG

· X-Plorer