First look at Google Tablet(s) running Chrome OS? [Video]

Last week we saw the iPad, Apple' s hugely controversial  tablet.  This week?  What more than Google's long-awaited ChromeOS  - running on a tablet itself?  Looking very tablet-like indeed, these images and a video of prototype OS mock-ups running on 5-10 inch tablets have just surfaced on Google's ChromeOS User Experience page (Chromium Projects).

Courtesy of Glen Murphy, Google Chrome's UI lead designer, these concept images as well as concept in-action video show what the team building the Chrome OS are brainstorming for future projects.  Note that there will possibly be multiple "Google Tablets", given that Chrome OS won't be tied to a single device, similar to how the Android OS was implemented.  Check out both the video and additional images below.

iPad, or Chrome OS tablet (or various other devices based on the OS).  This gives us a lot to think about how the two could potentially compete against each other in the touchscreen tablet space.  The tablet in this video seems larger than the iPad, but Apple may be in the very stages of bringing to market an even bigger tablet.  Time will only tell – the iPad isn't out yet, on the other hand, Chrome OS itself hasn't been released, not to mention a single Chrome OS device yet outed .

[via Techcrunch]