First Google Glass YouTube app appears: Wild West development continues

As we see Google Glass' first YouTube app join the first Reddit app, first blink-to-photograph app, and an ever-growing ecosystem software expand, it's become clear: this device is currently embroiled in a Wild West atmosphere. What this means for developers is that if the opportunity is open, an basic app for every purpose can and should be made. As it was when the iPhone first appeared and when Android was first initiated, first-come releases have the potential for significant success.

With the app "Fullscreen BEAM", users will be able to record a video with Google Glass and upload it instantly to their YouTube channel. This system allows for instant pre-sets like keeping the video private for later viewing and instantly sharing to Twitter – users' choice. The developers of this app work with Fullscreen, a media company created by CEO George Strompolos back in 2011 after co-creating the YouTube Partnership Program.

This week has been full of 3rd-party app creations filling the many, many gaps left by official brands. While app creators at, for example, Evernote and Path make it clear that they'll be developing for Glass themselves, many Google services remain wide open for the 3rd party development attachment. It's Google's intent that the platform grow, it seems, through developers from outside its own ranks.

Have a peek at the brief timeline below for additional moments in app development appearing for Glass in just the past week. This device is becoming an ecosystem for which a development group gains hype for creating a rather simple app quite quickly. Expect many more to jump aboard in the very near future.