First Galaxy Note 6 detail spilled by Samsung

In what must be the smallest detail leak in the history of Samsung that remains significant to super-fans, the Galaxy Note 6 has been named. Named on Samsung's Agent (AA) Profile page, that is. In comes SM-N930F, the "F" version of what's certainly the next smartphone in the Note series. It goes like this: Galaxy Note 4 is SM-N910, Note 5 is SM-N920, and we can safely assume that the Note 6 (or Note 7, as it may be called), is SM-N930.

The F suffix generally marks the European model of the Galaxy smartphone lineup. In this case it's particularly important because the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 didn't make a full starting-gate appearance across much of Europe, while the Galaxy Note 6 is expected to make a big global launch.

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You can find Samsung's UAProf page for this model at SamsungMobile, where several basic details have appeared. Things you've almost certainly come to expect from a smartphone of this caliber, for the most part.

This device can play several types of video, for example: mpeg4, mp4, mpeg, 3gpp, 3gp, h263, 3gpp2. Audio file types include: amr, aac, imy, mid, midi, x-mid, x-midi, mp3, mpeg3, mpeg, mpg, x-mp3, x-mpeg3, wav, x-wav, wave, ogg, and 3gpp.

You'll also find a note on MMS Max Image Resolution at 2600 x 2600. While this does not guarantee the size of the display on the Galaxy Note 6, it's a safe bet that our previous information on another 2K display (2560 x 1440) is correct.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

• 5.8-inch display, 2K (Quad HD)

• Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 or 823 processor

• 6GB of RAM

• USB-C – works with new GearVR headset, also release this Fall

The specifications you see above are based on insider tips, rumors, and speculation. As such, you should take the lot with a healthy spoonful of salt. Not just a grain. The same goes for the Galaxy Note Lite you'll see below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Lite

• 5.8-inch display, 1080p (Full HD)

• Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor

• 4GB of RAM

• Micro-USB B (what you're used to)

Of particular importance is the fact that no UAProf listing has appeared for the supposed "Lite" version of this device. If it does indeed exist, we'll expect such a listing to appear sooner rather than later.

Have a peek at the timeline below for additional information on release times and possible differences in display and S Pen data.