First ever 360-degree spacewalk video is out of this world

The first ever 360-degree video taken in space has been released. The video was shot while a pair of Russian cosmonauts were launching nanosatellites from outside of the International Space Station. In the video you can see the pair working and you can pan around and see what the duo is doing.

The launching of these nanosatellites is nothing more than one of the cosmonauts throwing it like a football into orbit around the Earth. Each time I see ISS videos it never ceases to amaze at how black and empty space looks. The video is on YouTube and you can watch it on Apple or Android devices and look all around the frame.

The small satellites that the cosmonauts are deploying are called Tanyusha satellites and were created by Russian students in the city of Kursk. The satellites are broadcasting multilingual messages on amateur radio frequencies 437.025 MHz an 437.05 MHz.

The 360 video was product with help from the Russian space agency an RSC Energia. The premiere of the special video was at an event to commemorate the 1957 launch of Sputnik-1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth.

Sputnik was part of the events that led up to the space race that eventually saw the US put men on the moon. The Earth certainly looks beautiful and the video is certainly worth a watch.