First Blogger App Now On Android

Rue Liu - Feb 4, 2011
First Blogger App Now On Android

The popular blogging platform aptly named Blogger has just announced their very first Android app. This first version allows you to easily compose posts on the go, attach photos taken on your phone, and save drafts or publish posts immediately to your blog. The app is free and available now at Android Market.

The Blogger app is capable of handling multiple accounts and blogs allowing you to easily switch between accounts. You can write and save or publish as well as assign labels. And photos can be taken directly through the app to be included in a post or you can browse your gallery for photos to include.

Sharing to Blogger from your gallery or browser is also very easy as Blogger will show up as a sharing option on your Android device. Location information can also be shared with your location information automatically included in your post.

[Via Blogger]

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