First Black Ops II DLC details leak out

We knew since before Black Ops II released that Activision and Treyarch would develops all kinds of DLC for the game, and sure enough, the details for the game's first DLC offering have leaked out. Like all Call of Duty DLC packs before it, this one is a map pack, and it's apparently being called "Revolution." Provided everything about this leak is accurate, players will be in for five new maps total – four for competitive multiplayer, one for zombies mode.

The four maps destined for competitive multiplayer are called Hydro, Grind, Downhill, and Mirage. Since this leak centers entirely around promotional posters that were put up at a GameStop early, we don't have any additional details on the maps, but it should be relatively easy to derive a few guesses from the names alone. On the other side of the coin, the map being added to zombies mode has been titled Die Rise.

While the fact that Call of Duty players will be getting new maps in Revolution is no surprise, there is a bit of a twist with this DLC pack. Apparently Activision and Treyarch have decided to add a new weapon in Revolution too: the Peacekeeper SMG. This is the first time weapons have been added in Call of Duty DLC, so perhaps the future is bright for those who have been asking Activision for weapon DLC for years? It certainly looks that way.

According to these early promotional materials, Revolution will be coming to Xbox 360 first on January 29. There aren't any details on when Revolution will release on PC or PS3, so stay tuned for those dates. While information on pricing is also non-existent, expect to pay $15 for the map pack unless you picked up the Black Ops II season pass, in which case you'll get Revolution at no additional cost.

[via Charlie Intel]