First 3-D channels come to Google Fiber TV

I remain quite jealous that my house can't get access to the incredibly fast Google Fiber Internet service or the Google Fiber TV service. I understand living in a more rural area likely means I'll never have access to impressive services like this. If you do happen to live in Kansas City and have access to Google Fiber TV and happen to be one of the few that has a 3-D TV in your home, the TV offering from Google now has two new 3-D channels to check out.

Google announced yesterday that its Fiber TV service has its first 3-D channels that include 3net and ESPN3D. The rollout of the 3-D channels began yesterday and subscribers can get 3net including with some existing packages on channel 338. The premium ESPN3D channel will require an additional subscription and another five dollars per month.

The cheapest TV package that gets access at no additional cost to 3net is the Gigabit + TV Plan. That plan costs $120 per month. Google says 3net has a lot of original 3-D programming such as shows on natural history, documentarians, action/adventure films, kids and family titles, concerts, scripted series, movies, and more.

ESPN3D is "the industry's first 24/7 3-D sports network," according to Google. There has to be at least one or two people living in Kansas City that have access to Google Fiber, subscribe to Google TV, and also have a 3-D TV to take advantage of these two channels. Actually, there may not be.

[via TheNextWeb]