Firefox will soon offer one-click search results

Mozilla wants to make searching for the things you need faster on Firefox, and so to facilitate that the company will be introducing an update sometime in the future that brings with it a new search interface. With this new search, users are able to type a keyword into the search field, then choose a specific preset search engine or website on which they want to view the result, among them being sites like Wikipedia and Google. This follows news that Yahoo will be the browser's new default search option.

Mozilla announced the new one-click search feature yesterday, and though it only says the functionality is "coming soon", it has given a look at what users can expect. The idea is that sometimes you search for something intending to look for results on a specific website like Wikipedia.

As demonstrated in the GIF above, this one-click search feature allows users to type their keywords into the search field, select a search query if desired, then select a site on which they're specifically interested in seeing results.

Firefox will include several search engines and sites already set and ready for use, among them being DuckDuckGo, Bing, Google, Twitter, eBay, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and the Mozilla Developer Network. Users will be able to add other websites and search engines to the list, however, by going to that site, clicking on the magnifying glass in the search field, and then selecting the "Add SITE" option in the drop-down menu.

SOURCE: Mozilla