Firefox Send won't return, Mozilla also targets Firefox Notes

Mozilla has decided that Firefox Send, its encrypted file transferring service, won't be returning. The reason for this decision is the same reason that compelled Mozilla to take the service offline in recent months: some users were taking advantage of Send to ship around malware and phishing attacks. In addition, Mozilla has also made a big announcement about its Firefox Notes product.

In March 2019, Mozilla introduced a new product called Firefox Send that enabled users to send files to other people. The service offered multiple benefits, including encryption and control over how many times the content could be downloaded. The feature joined several other similar popular offerings like WeTransfer and Hightail.

Despite its popularity, Mozilla took Firefox Send offline earlier this summer to address issues related to malicious use of the platform. The company says that in the time the service has been offline, it evaluated the product and its overall portfolio and focus. Based on that evaluation, Firefox Send will not be returning.

This same evaluation will also result in Mozilla dropping support for its Firefox Notes feature. This product, which is described as an 'experiment,' became a utility on Firefox and Android, enabling users to create secure notes that could be synced between the desktop browser and one's Android mobile device.

In this case, Mozilla says that it will 'decommission' the Android Notes app and the syncing service in early November. However, the Firefox Notes browser extension for desktop users will remain available for those who have already installed it. Users will be given an option to export all of their notes — but, mind, Mozilla says it will no longer maintain this feature.