Firefox Reality gives Oculus Quest owners a desktop web browser

JC Torres - Jul 26, 2019, 6:41am CDT
Firefox Reality gives Oculus Quest owners a desktop web browser

Virtual reality is great for videos, games, and new experiences but if the technology is to be practical for the next wave of computing, platforms need to offer applications that let users also be productive. While office suites might be out of the question, web browsing is fortunately in a position to bridge the gap between entertainment and productivity. And fortunately for users of the new Oculus Quest, Mozilla just made Firefox Reality available for them.

From watching 360-degree videos on the Web to socializing on Mozilla Hubs, Mozilla is promising the best combination of virtual reality and web browsing with FxR, short for Firefox Reality. If you’re unsure where to start, the Firefox Reality homepage has a few featured experiences to suggest.

While the presentation might be different, with the browser shown in a floating window in VR space, Firefox Reality basically has the same features and the same spirit as Firefox anywhere else. That means having a focus on privacy and enabling Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection by default. That’s going to be handy when using the browser for serious work or simply to protect yourself from enterprising companies trying to exploit the young platform.

While the core features might be the same, Firefox Reality naturally offers different ways to interact with it compared to desktop or mobile. You can get a keyboard if necessary but you can also use voice search to save you the effort. You can also resize the window to your comfort levels.

Firefox Reality is already available on other “mobile” VR headsets, like the HTC Vive Focus Plus and the Lenovo Mirage Plus, making the Oculus Quest the latest to join that exclusive club. The browser will soon gain new features as well, ranging from WebXR support to multi-window browsing.

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