Firefox Reality download released: VR and AR in early mode

Just in time for the AR explosion, Mozilla revealed their first version of Firefox Reality. That's a Firefox web browser for VR and AR platforms – mixed reality, in other words. This is a web browser made to appear in virtual reality, augmented reality, and in a way that allows simple VR and AR control.

"Mozilla has always been on the frontlines of virtual and augmented reality (see our work with WebVR, WebAR and A-Frame), and this is a mixed reality browser that is specifically built to tackle the new opportunities and challenges of browsing the immersive web," said Sean White of the official Mozilla blog. "Other solutions for browsing and accessing the web on stand-alone headsets exist, but they are closed, and platform specific. Firefox Reality will be independent and will work on a wide variety of devices and platforms."

Firefox Reality is open source and is part of Mozilla's overarching transparency-first aim. They admit that they "don't yet have all the answers for what privacy looks like in this new medium," but they also suggest that they'll build on the web platform permissions model that they say has already been proven in effect.

The only versions of Firefox Reality thus far available are test versions for HTC Vive Focus, Daydream and GearVR. Below you'll see a video showing off this next-wave interface in VR for Android.

User can attain test builds of each of the different builds that are out now on Github, where all the cool code goes to run around in the open universe. Take note: these apps might not work, but then again, they might!