Firefox Preview 4.0 released for mobile devices with password manager

This morning Mozilla released Firefox Preview 4.0, AKA early peeks at fun features for the forward-thinking individual. The Firefox Preview download for version 4.0 seems right up on the edge of pushing into the general release – not that the average user would know the difference. There are so many Firefox browser editions out now that you'd be excused if you just tapped them all and started thrashing about.

This newest version of Firefox Preview (version 4.0) includes a newly refurbished Sync system. You'll need a Firefox Account to make it all work, but it's intense enough to be worth the effort, and you'll want to work with both this sync system AND the Firefox Password Manager.

With both the password manager and the Firefox sync systems in play, you'll be able to gain access to your logins to all manner of in-browser logins across devices. That's in-browser only, for now. Google's sync system is something similar, but you might want to give Firefox's system a go if you've found yourself less-than-enthusiastic about relying on Google as of late.

Firefox Preview version 4.0 includes bugfixes and improvements as well as the first whiff of extension support "featuring uBlock Origin." In the mix is a fix for the persistent undo notification you might've found yourself at the wrong end of recently – you'll be able to roll into Top Sites with this update, too.

In addition to the login management that comes at the top of the scale for usability right out the gate, there's a new in-app language chooser. Move between the sorts, learn something new! You can download this Android app from the Mozilla Mobile Github account if you like. You can also step into the Google Play app store to see the full collection of Firefox apps. There you'll find Firefox Preview too – as well as the even-more-updated Firefox Preview Nightly, or Firefox Nightly for Developers, or Firefox Browser, or Firefox for Android Beta. Gotta catch em all!