Firefox Focus mobile privacy browser redesign adds shortcuts and dark theme

Mozilla has announced a redesign for its Firefox Focus mobile privacy browser, retaining the same simple and private browsing experience while improving things a bit for those who use the product regularly. Among other things, Firefox Focus now features shortcuts, an arguably vital feature for a browser that aims to get users to their destinations as easily as possible.

Put simply, Firefox Focus is a web browser for your phone that offers privacy as its core feature. Among other things, Firefox Focus offers users automatic ad blocking and protection from tracking while visiting websites. Users get access to features like a dedicated erase button to purge their cookies, browsing history, and passwords.

In an announcement today, Mozilla said that it has redesigned Firefox Focus, adding new features while also tweaking the design. Firefox Focus now features a new logo and colors; as well, users now have the option of enabling a dark mode for those who find it easier on the eyes.

Even better, Firefox Focus now has shortcuts so that users can have one-tap access to the websites they regularly visit. Users can now see how many trackers the mobile browser has blocked. For those times you need to disable the tracking blocker, Firefox Focus has a new icon in the search bar that opens Tracking Protection Shield when tapped.

Firefox browser for Android has also been updated with new password features that'll be coming to iOS later in 2021. This includes a simplified way to create and add passwords, as well as simplified autofill for passwords on mobile. Users who have a Firefox account can have the passwords synced to their other devices that likewise have Firefox, including desktop.