Firefox could soon let you send 1GB self-destructing files

JC Torres - Aug 2, 2017, 9:01 pm CST
Firefox could soon let you send 1GB self-destructing files

The web browser has long ceased being just a way to browse web pages. Google Chrome has proven we can live our entire computing lives inside the browser (or at least a browser engine), and some actually do that day to day. Mozilla, of course, isn’t going to take things sitting down. It has revealed three new to Test Pilot Experiments that also turn its Firefox web browser into a mini desktop, including the ability to turn Firefox into a file sharing service.

MEGA(upload) it ain’t. This is more like a Snapchat for files. The Send experiment basically lets you upload a single file and share a link to that file. In addition to encrypting the file as well as the transfer, Send automatically deletes the file as soon as it has been downloaded. Because of that limitation, it’s really more of a one-time, 1:1 file sharing, pretty much like if you directly sent the file to someone else.

The Test Pilot program also introduces Notes, which works just as you’d expect. It lets you quickly type in notes in a browser sidebar. Of course, there are already a number of extensions that do that, including those that tie into Google Keep. Right now, the Notes experiment doesn’t even let you sync with Firefox Accounts, but that’s promised to come next.

And while Mozilla doesn’t have a voice-activated assistant of its own, it is trying to add some semblance of that in its Voice Fill experiment. It is, however, limited only to searching in pages, specifically in Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo search engines. Plus, it’s not completely hands-free, and you have to click on the mic icon as well as the search results.

Being experiments, there’s a chance that some or even none of these might make it to a future Firefox release. The Send functionality is particularly dubious, considering how it can be potentially abused to send any file, as big as 1 GB, for absolutely free.

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