Firefox 8 up for FTP download now

It's time to upgrade your Firefox web browser, ladies and gentlemen, and it won't be the same peaches and cream automatic update you're used to – this one's FTP. That means Mozilla has the files you need to update your Firefox to the next version, but at the moment you'll have to manually download them from their servers and load it up yourself. In the near future (November 8th to be precise) you'll have the automatic download working, so no worries if you don't feel like traveling down the dark path.

This newest version of Firefox will be more attuned to how and when an add-on is safe to use in more ways than one. First, add-ons will be set to disabled by default until the user who added them flips the ON switch, this appearing in a one-time dialog box that'll also allow the user to work in a basic way with previously added add-ons. Twitter is integrated into the mainframe, appearing in the search bar for quick access, plus there's a few simple updates including a preference to auto-load tabs after one relaunches the browser. There's also improved WebSocket support, improved tab animations, and added support for HTML5 context menus.

This version adds performance tweaks as well as stability updates, and the first download link is available now. You can head to Mozilla's FTP area for 8.0 now if you do so dare, but know that you do so at your own risk. You've also got the option to wait until Tuesday and have the full download with full safety and many multiple mirrors for quicker download as well. Enjoy!

[via TechnoBolt]