Firefox 14 brings security updates with new browser download

As the beta for Firefox 15 hits the digital shelves, it's time for the final release version of Firefox 14 to be brought to the masses with another completely free download. This web browser has been noted to be having a set of security upgrades along with a tie with Google for private web searching. Firefox 14 also implements a new system of site identification with different symbols appearing depending on what the site you're browsing has in store for your web-browsing experience.

This update for Firefox brings a set of new icons that'll have you quickly identifying the level of security, primarily, for each site you're visiting. If you see a globe symbol, you're at a site that's not secured in the least. If you're at a site with SSL encryption, you'll see a padlock icon with 'HTTPS' scrolled across it. If you see a green lock with a name on it, on the other hand, you've got a site with an Extended Validation certificate. This means that the certificate authority has taken a much closer look at the provider of that site than your average site would.

Firefox 14 also brings on developer tools that includes Pointer Lock API support, Mac users will be glad to see full-screen mode for OS X Lion 10.7 and above, and again, all downloads remain free. You can download Firefox 14 in its final release version now, or you can head straight to Firefox 15 beta if you like as well – at your own risk, of course!

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[via Mozilla]