Firefox 10 hits with new dev tools, full-screen apps

Mozilla has unleashed Firefox 10, the latest iteration of its popular open-source Web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. This update comes merely six weeks after Firefox 9 proving the company's commitment to its new "rapid release" program. Web developers should be particularly happy with this update as it brings a host of new built-in tools to make website creation easier.

Firefox 10 will offer smoother delivery of updates by making add-ons compatible by default. New built-in developer tools allow real-time editing of websites within the browser through features such as Page Inspector, which lets developers view a page's structure and layout without leaving Firefox, and Style Inspector, which gives access to a page's CSS properties.

The update also introduces the Mozilla Full-Screen API that allow developers to create full-screen websites and Web apps. Richer web-based games, video, and multimedia experiences can be created when combined with Mozilla's WebGL standard and new Anti-Aliasing support that brings smooth hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.

[via Mozilla]