Fireball soars over Phoenix, causes loud booming sound

Another fireball has been spotted shooting through the sky, this time in Phoenix, Arizona, where the American Meteor Society says more than 200 witnesses have confirmed seeing the event. Unlike most of these fireball events, there are also several photos of a zig-zagging smokey trail in the sky that may have resulted from the flaming object. The event was caught on camera many times, with the resulting videos showing an exceptionally bright mass falling toward the ground.

The fireball took place a few minutes before 4AM Mountain Time, according to reports, with most of the people who saw it being located in and around Phoenix, Arizona. In lesser degrees, the American Meteor Society says it also received reports from individuals in Nevada, California, Texas, Utah, and New Mexico. You can see a map of the witness locations here.

Note: there's some NSFW language in the above video.

According to local news agency 3TV News, those who were up early enough this morning to witness the event heard a "loud roaring" sound as the fireball descended, and others say they heard a loud banging or booming sound. Though it hasn't yet been confirmed, all signs point toward the fireball being a meteor.

This is the second big fireball spotted in the U.S. in recent days. Late last month, a similarly large and bright fireball appeared in the northeastern US, being visible through much of New England and parts of Canada. As with this latest event, the flaming object is believed to have been a meteor.