Fire TV update brings Single Sign-On support for cable apps

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 25, 2018, 5:27pm CST
Fire TV update brings Single Sign-On support for cable apps

The Fire TV is popular with cord-cutters, but many users still pay for a live television service. With that live TV service — whether cable, satellite, or OTT — comes the option of authenticating cable apps that provide users with on-demand and, in some cases, livestreaming access to content. Actually authenticating those apps, though, is a long, annoying process.

Amazon announced the new Fire TV update today, saying it brings support for Single Sign-On as well as bug fixes. This is a TV Everywhere feature that allows a user to sign in once with their TV provider’s info, then access all TV apps that support the feature.

Doing so removes the need to manually authenticate every single app, which would mean signing into your account on every single one of them. Single Sign-On has been available to Apple TV users for awhile; it’s a welcomed addition to Amazon’s own streaming platform.

A number of providers support the feature, as do many apps that require authentication, such as A&E, BBC America, Watch TCM, The Cooking Channel, and more.

According to Amazon’s software updates page, the Single Sign-On feature is available for a bunch of Fire TV devices, including the Fire Smart TVs, 3rd-gen Fire TV, 2nd-gen Fire TV, 1st-gen Fire TV, Fire TV Stick with Alexa, Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote, and the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick.

Sadly, Roku still doesn’t offer this feature. You can get it on your Fire TV by installing the latest update.

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