Findables Flex Smartphone Cases Offer Custom QR Codes

Findables is offering cases for a variety of smartphones, among them being the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 3, that feature custom QR codes on the back, as well as a fold-out bottom section that serves as a sort of stand. The QR codes can then be registered with a profile by the user, allowing others to scan it and access that profile, something particularly useful if the device is lost while out and about.

The company offers three different varieties of cases, all of which you can see in the image above. The FlexStand case, featured on the left, has a fold out portion that allows the device to be placed horizontally upright on a surface. The middle case – the FlexWrap – doesn't have the same fold out portion, while the right case – the Snap – does as its name suggests: snaps onto a handset.

Regardless of the type, each one comes with a QR code on the back. Findables has its own QR reader app available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, though any QR reader will technically work. Applying one's own information to the phone case is done via this app by scanning the code for the first time. An account creation page will be pulled up, at which point the user can enter his or her information.

Personal information doesn't necessarily need to be displayed on the profile, depending on the user's preferences. Such is not terribly useful if the handset is lost, however, something remedied by a "Lost Mode" option in one's profile. If the handset is lost, the user can log into their account online and change modes, adding information about a reward for its return if desired, as well as contact information.

Not all variety of cases are available for all handset, with all three being available for the iPhone 5, for example, and only the Snap case being available for the Galaxy S 3 (GALAXY S 4 is currently unavailable). Regardless of which case you select, you'll be looking at $29.95, while the iPad mini case is $49 and the iPad 2/3 is the same as the smartphone options.

VIA: Cult of Mac

SOURCE: Findables