Finally, a legal way to watch falling squirrels

If you're anything like me you're currently wearing a jumper, drinking strong coffee and harbouring a love-hate relationship with squirrels.  On good days, I think they're cute little fellas with their bright eyes and capable claws; on bad days, I think they're disgusting rats with show-off tails.  Either way, I know that they cause havoc in gardens eating all the food people put out for the birds (don't get me started on birds!) and becoming fat little barons.  Well, look out squirrels, because you're going down!

The Rollerfeeder is a precariously-balanced drum of bird-food which, when a squirrel sets foot on it, tumbles round and dumps the rodent unceremoniously to the ground.  A carefully weighted bottom (just like my third wife) then rightens the drum so that small birds can again feast.  Large birds are probably unable to eat from this, due to being too heavy, but then they should lose some weight anyway unless they want to be cat food.

Rollerfeeder is available now for $79.95.  Go buy two.

Product Page [via OhGizmo!]