Finally, A Fully Positive Viral Video

There's a video out there this weekend, folks one called "Webcam 101 for Seniors", one that if you haven't already seen, you're sure as heck about to. It features a couple of United States citizens by the names of Bruce and Esther Huffman who unknowingly captured themselves in a video attempting to make their computer's webcam take a photo. While this at first may seem like any other "fail" sort of video that'd make those in the video feel embarrassed beyond belief, this complete accident is making the Huffman's smile as well. It's a joy for me to publish such a story, especially since this whole story started when the now senior Bruce Huffman was paid 5 cents to make his most impressive and professional monkey face when he was eight years old.

Strange, isn't it, that such a reality has come to pass. It was barely science fiction when this couple of kids were first thinking about using a telephone, speaking now through video that, due to the awesome "viral" tradition of the internet, has seen thousands and millions of viewers in only a few days. "Why won't it take a picture?" says Esther Huffman, attempting to make her and her husband's computer activate a still-image function by mistake. It reminds your humble narrator of the slew of "falling asleep" videos on the tube, seeing something so candid and so very innocent being captured here in the tiniest of cams.

They use the opportunity, or Mr. Huffman does at least, to poke at his face and lament "I'm so sad, Esther, I'm so sad. Look at all the wrinkles up there, the cracks in my head – I could be Mrs Doubtfire." Mrs. Huffman responds with a lovely giggle that, if I may be so bold, echoes through the few short loving years they've enjoyed one another – they only having been married, believe it or not, just 7 and a half years thus far, or so they tell their interviewers below. They continue to attempt taking a photo, and sure enough Mrs. Huffman does note that she's done it before, good golly, but Mr. Huffman just isn't sure "I don't know dear – *BELCH* – pardon me".

Mr. Huffman notes how pretty his wife's hair is, how she aught to drop her dress a little bit, maybe that'd work, but "I don't know what I'm recording, shucks," notes Mrs. Huffman, "Maybe it just recorded us," realizes Mr. Huffman.

Truly it did, Mr. Huffman, truly it did.

ABC affiliate KATU caught up with the couple just yesterday and asked them what they thought of the video being quite the sensation. As it happens, they're pretty much alright with the whole thing.

"When I was 8 years old, my uncle paid me five cents if I'd make a monkey face and I've been working on it all these years. I never knew it'd make me famous. He's up in heaven and he'd be amazed at what's going on right here, right now." – Bruce Huffman, Internet Sensation

The video itself was uploaded by their granddaughter who was also the one they were speaking about in the video, she having taught them the ways of the CPU. Well done, young lady! You've made quite a lot of people have a fabulous afternoon!

[via KATU]