Final Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Release Time, No Spoilers

The final Star Wars trailer is upon us – all about The Rise of Skywalker, and the contents therein. The last time we spoke about this trailer, we outlined the basics. Now we're taking a look at when the trailer will actually be released, and about how important it'll be for potential viewers to watch – or to avoid watching.

Why to avoid

As we've discussed previously, the third and final Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker trailer is tipped to be spoiler-packed. It's going to be clogged up and doused in spoilers. It's going to be a wild ride full of big reveals the likes of which you MAY want to attempt to save until you see the film in a theater.

As you'll see above, and as Black Series Rebels reminds us, the trailer campaign for The Force Awakens basically attempted to trick viewers into thinking that Finn would be a Jedi. It didn't technically... lie... but still... Disney isn't above tricks – J.J. Abrams doubly so!

Why to watch

It's 2019, we live in an age in which it's extremely difficult to avoid seeing imagery from a trailer with as much importance as this. People will be taking scenes and screenshots and everything they can conjure up to make social media posts aplenty. Some will be innocent enough, but others will definitely try to use what they've seen to spoil the party for everyone else.

So it's sort of a pessimistic view here when I suggest you watch the trailer instead of trying to avoid all spoilers, just because the internet is probably going to spoil it all for you anyway.

But maybe you're like me, and movies like this feel just as enjoyable when you know all the secrets as when you didn't before your first full viewing. It could be really great – and if you view the trailer with new eyes and allow yourself to avoid the internet for a while after your first viewing, it'll be as great as you make it!

When to watch - here!

The game during which the trailer will play starts at 8:15 Eastern Time. That's 7:15 PM Central Time, 5PM Pacific Time. Generally the full ordeal lasts around 3 hours, and halftime is right around – you guessed it – halfway through the game. If you want to catch the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker final trailer when it's broadcast on TV, you'll want to tune in starting around 9:30PM Eastern Time, 6:30PM Pacific Time – or a tiny bit earlier, just to be safe.

As soon as the trailer is broadcast on ESPN, we'll have it here- ASAP. We'll be releasing a brand new full article with the trailer's full broadcast as soon as we're able! We'll also have a scene-by-scene breakdown of what's inside the trailer, with expanded galaxy and future film thoughts. Until then, we remain spoiler-free!