Final Fantasy XV bug let player into blocked off open world

Given how long it has been delayed, rebooted, and, of course, renamed, the boy band road trip known as Final Fantasy XV is naturally the subject of much appraisal, criticism, and, of course, bug exploits. No game ever shipped without bugs, so it isn't exactly surprising to see one like this. Fortunately, this out-of-bounds (OOB) glitch in FF XV is harmless and, to be honest, practically useless. Unless you happen to like spending nearly an hour enjoying the sights and dust of the game world. On foot, no less.

Final Fantasy XV departs from the tried and true elements of previous Final Fantasy installments in a number of ways, one of which is the open world treatment. Sort of, because, it turns out, the second half of the game does play out in the same linear fashion as the others, with parts of the once open game world suddenly closed off by invisible barriers more powerful than King Regis' (redundant much) Wall.

That wall, however, didn't stop Fotm Hero from using the said OOB glitch to ditch the car, not to mention his friends, and hit the pavement, and the dirt, and the snow. The result is an hour-long tour of the world of Final Fantasy XV, from the point of view of the camera floating behind Noctis.

As breath-taking as the vistas may be, perhaps more interesting is the wealth of unused environments just sitting around the game (and maybe taking up disk space as well). The game has undergone so many changes from the original that things necessarily got cut from the game. Curiously, the developers decided to leave the areas intact and just block access to them to preserve the illusion of a single, coherent, smaller world. Lot of good that did.

VIA: Kotaku