Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 revealed for PS4

Today Sony is up on stage announcing all types of new and impressive titles for their upcoming PS4, and the Playstation 3. We've already seen plenty from their initial unveil in February, but today we're getting a closer look at games from all developers, including Indie titles, as well as the actual PS4 hardware. Then they shared a quick look at two titles we're sure many will be extremely exited to play.

It wasn't all hardware and PS VITA at the Sony event for E3 today. As a nice change of pace following a few indie developers we got a glimpse of Final Fantasy 15, as well as Kingdom Hearts 3. Two games that surely have millions of loyal fans and players around the globe.

Thanks to a quick and short-lived cameo by Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura, we are all looking forward to playing both of the games mentioned above on our shiny new Playstation 4. Interestingly enough many were expecting them to reveal some updates on Final Fantasy Versus, but instead we got FF 15.

The series has been going forever, but with XV it appears we have a slight change in direction. Instead of the usual RPG-style and turn-by-turn combat this felt more like an actual live action title. We only saw a glimpse, so don't take our word for it. Then we lightly were teased with some clips from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, but no details on either game were actually revealed. We know they're coming soon, so get excited, but that is all for now.

I'm excited about Watch Dogs myself, but surely many will be happy to give the new Final Fantasy XV a try. Stay tuned and hit our Playstation 4 Portal for all the E3 news.