Final Fantasy XIV patch adds new dungeons and PvP arena

The launch of Final Fantasy XIV didn't exactly go as planned for Square Enix. The game suffered from several server issues that prevented some gamers from being able to play. The server issues were fixed and the free trial was extended as a sort of apology. The game will soon receive its first official patch.

The first patch adds several new features including player housing, new dungeons, and a new PvP arena. The tips about the new content from the patch came from game director Naoki Yoshida during a panel at the Tokyo Game Show. Among the new dungeons coming in the patch is one called the Crystal Tower.

The tower gets inspiration from the same area in the Final Fantasy III game. Players looking to take on this new dungeon will need 24 players. The update brings player housing to all three city states. Players will also be able to use 380 decorative items to customize their home in the game.

The new PvP arena in the game is called The Wolves' Den. Players will combat in the arena with two teams of four battling it out. Along with announcing the first patch and some of the details about it also comes some statistics on how many players have played the game since it relaunched on August 28. There've been over 1,080,000 unique logins since the game launched with an average of 617,000 logins daily. This game franchise is one of the most popular in all of gaming and the new patch will help the latest entry in the franchise continue to grow.