Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward gets pretty cinematic trailers

Final Fantasy fans who have stuck around even up to the MMORPG incarnations of the franchise are in for a treat. Square Enix has revealed not one but two cinematic trailers for Heavensward, the largest update the online game will be getting since A Realm Reborn. Though it's still two months away, that is, if all goes according to schedule, the trailers will definitely serve as tasty appetizers to adventurers in Eorzea who have been left hanging with the events that took place in the last chapter of the game.

The trailers were revealed at the 20th "Letter from the Producer LIVE" event hosted by game producer and director Naoki Yoshida. The first cinematic trailer below touches on the last events of A Realm Reborn, the "remake" of the failed first attempt at the FFXIV game. This sets the stage for the upcoming Heavensward update, but do beware of possible spoilers if you haven't reached that part of the game yet.

The second trailer is entitled "Flames of Truth". The longer video continues the story and the mystery left unanswered in the opening cinematic of A Realm Reborn. To be exact, it explains, to some extent, what happened in that literally world-changing last battle between archon Louisoix and Bahamut as well as to how the realm was reborn. This video was originally shown only to players who were able to successfully defeat a certain in-game boss. So yes, spoilers again.

If those teasers weren't enough to whet your appetite, perhaps the revealed feature set for Heavensward will. The update will raise the cap from 50 to 60 and will introduce a new playable race to choose from. There will also be new mounts that will let players fly, like flying black chocobos, dragons, and single-rider airships. And, of course, new raids and new dungeons also await gamers.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will launch June 23rd on PC, PS4, and PS3.

SOURCE: Square Enix