Final Fantasy XIII won't make it to US soil until April 2010

Those of us die hard Final Fantasy players apparently will have to wait a while before getting our hands on the newest installation, Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix said that they won't be releasing it until next April, by next April they mean April 2010.

As Square Enix said, the game wont be released until the next fiscal year which begins in April of 2010 putting the game at the earliest release 15 months from now.  I can think back to the first time the game was revealed at E3 back in 3006, this is some major time that they are taking to refine such a highly anticipated game.

Final Fantast XIII still wont be appearing on Microsoft's Xbox 360 until the Japanese PS3 version has been fully completed. Look at the bright side, if still have plenty of time to play every other Final fantasy through a few times before this one makes it to store shelves.