Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox 360

I know exactly why console makers fight so hard to land exclusive titles on their products. Unfortunately, we as the consumers tend to lose out on a lot of great games if we choose not to fork out several hundreds of dollars buying every console on the market. I've been bummed that I can't play any great Final Fantasy titles on my Xbox 360 since they're all on the PS3. Well starting with Final Fantasy XIII, that's going to change.

Sure, we've had some Final Fantasy games show up on other consoles, but as for the new sequentially numbered titles, they've all been on a Sony console for years. However, Square Enix has announced that not only will FF XIII be released on the 360, it will be coming at the exact same time.

Since I haven't taken the plunge and bought a PS3 yet, I really haven't been taking as much interest in the Final Fantasy series as I used to, but now I seriously can't wait for XIII. Now about that Final Fantasy VII remake that everyone's been wanting...

[via Joystiq]