Final Fantasy X, X-2 land on Steam in Remastered HD glory

A couple of years ago, it was near inconceivable that Square Enix would bring its PlayStation exclusive Final Fantasy titles to the PC. Save for Final Fantasy VII and VII, which were practically cult classics. Today, all but one of those single-player JRPGs are available on the Windows platform via Steam. Square Enix has finally launched both Final Fantasy X and its direct sequel X-2 on Steam as a Remastered version. That leaves the relatively less popular Final Fantasy XII out of the Steam party.

Final Fantasy X was a first in many aspects. Like Final Fantasy VII, it was the first FF title to grace a completely new console, the PlayStation 2. It also introduced a new "Conditional Turn-Based Battle" system (CTB) to replace the almost iconic Active Time Battle (ATB) used since Final Fantasy VII. It was also the first FF title to get a direct sequel, the rather controversial Final Fantasy X-2. Previous Final Fantasy games had little to do with each other, aside from a few common elements, names, and hidden references. Final Fantasy XIII would later on follow in that tradition, ending up with a trilogy.

This Final Fantasy X/X-2 version isn't a simply PC port with added graphical embellishments. Truly remastered, the Steam version includes rearranged background music and additional content featured in some of the international releases of the console game. There are also features you wouldn't be able to find, or probably implement, on consoles, like auto-save and "boosters" that let you play in high speed mode or even avoid all enemy encounters.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is now up on Steam and has a 20% discount until May 19, so you can grab it for only $24.00 until then. Steam aficionados will be glad to hear that the game also includes full support for Steam trading cards and achievements. With this addition, Square Enix has practically completed its non-MMORPG PlayStation Final Fantasy titles, including VII, VIII, IX, XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: XIII. That just leaves Final Fantasy XII and, of course, the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, the latter of which might take a long while before coming to the PC.