Final Fantasy VII Remake won't be delayed but deliveries might be

A lot of things are being postponed or canceled outright due to the COVID-19 pandemic so it is sometimes refreshing to hear that something will be going ahead as scheduled. Of course, it might not be that much of a big difference considering how Final Fantasy VII Remake, a game that has been years in the making and decades in the dreaming, should have reached its final version even before all the lockdowns. That said, Square Enix is now explaining that even when the game launches in two weeks, you might not get your physical copy on that day anyway.

Final Fantasy VII achieved cult status when it was released back in 1997, more than twenty years ago. Through each evolution of the PlayStation console, fans have begged for a remake to take advantage of modern hardware and gaming conventions. It wouldn't be until 2015 that Square Enix and Sony would officially announce such an undertaking it would only be five years later when the first installment, not even the full game, would finally launch.

Square Enix assures fans that the April 10 launch date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake is unmovable. At least barring any unfortunate incident. Those who pre-ordered the game from the Square Enix Store will be able to get it on that day itself, as well as anyone else who will be buying it digitally.

Those who pre-ordered a physical copy, however, might not be so lucky. The game developer says it can't make any guarantees when buyers would receive those copies as different countries and retailers have implemented different quarantine and business operations policies. The best they can advise is to contact their retailer for any information.

That does imply that the best way to get the game on launch day would be through a digital download. Presuming you already bought a PS4 in preparation, of course. That said, gamers should be aware that Sony has published advisories about slower downloads to reduce the strain that services put on the Internet during this period.