Final Fantasy VII Ported To Famicom

I still remember the day that I first played Final Fantasy VII. The first thing that amazed me was that the game was so large that it required a full three discs to hold it all. I'm sure these days it wouldn't be much of an issue to squeeze it onto a PS2 disc, but someone has managed to port (see: squeeze) the game onto the most unlikely of formats.

I really have no idea what would possess someone to put a game as large as Final Fantasy VII onto the Famicom, but it sounds cool as hell. Of course, you aren't going to have the awesome (hey, they were sweet back in the day) graphics or fancy cut-scenes, as they used a variety of sprites from other Final Fantasy titles.

I really wouldn't mind taking a look at this particular port. It is said to be almost identical to the original game (graphics aside) and is only missing a couple of sidequests (no Vincent or Yuffie). Of course what I'd really like to see is a PS3 port with updated graphics.

[via Joystiq]