Final Fantasy 15 PS4 and Xbox One details tipped

Some details on the Square Enix Final Fantasy 15 game have been tipped today. The PS4 and Xbox One product descriptions have been updated with new details on the game. Both of those product descriptions talk about a new combat mechanic and offer some of the play details for the new game. One of the big details about the game is that combat has evolved compared to previous entries in the franchise.

Descriptions of the game say that Final Fantasy 15 has been created as an action game. Players will be able to transition from the field to battles quickly. Gamers will also be able to fight as the hero Noctis and to change to other characters for combat. Combination attacks will be possible in cooperation with a companion.

As for Noctis, he will be able to use different weapons and will be able to attack with "stylish action" according to descriptions. The ability to fight monsters with a companion will be a key aspect of this game. The game's Xbox One site offers details as well stating that the player will be able to move freely across the entire screen.

That site also says that the party battle system has been advanced allowing gamers to use party battle by switching characters strategically. The main character of the game, Noctis, is the royal heir of Lucis and he and his friends become involved in the war according to descriptions of the game storyline.