Final Fantasy 15 DLC roadmap axed: This is why

If you were looking forward to the four new DLC story packs on the way to Final Fantasy 15, then we've got some sour news for you. Square Enix has decided to cancel three of the four upcoming pieces of DLC as it begins to shift resources away from Final Fantasy 15. Oh, and the game's director has resigned from Square Enix as well.

In short, this has been a pretty big shakeup for Final Fantasy 15. Before we dive into what's been canceled and what's still being worked on over at Square Enix HQ, let's give a little background on these four DLC releases. Square Enix announced all four of them at the same time way back in April, and each DLC was intended to focus on a specific character: Ardyn, Aranea, Lunafreya, and Noctis.

In a video presentation that was published overnight, Square Enix revealed that all but Ardyn's episode have been canceled. Ardyn's DLC will still be arriving in March 2019, and it sounds like that could be last DLC we see for Final Fantasy 15. It wouldn't be a huge shocker at any rate, as Final Fantasy 15 is turning two years old later this month.

In regards to the departure of Final Fantasy 15 direct Hajime Tabata, he's left Square Enix to begin his own business and pursue his next big project. In a letter to fans that was read during the livestream, Tabata suggests that he already knows what this project is, so fans can hopefully look forward to hearing about it soon.

So, what's next for Final Fantasy 15 aside from the Ardyn DLC that's coming next year? We'll see a crossover event with Final Fantasy 14 launch next month across Xbox One, PS4, and PC, while Final Fantasy 15: Comrades is still due for its standalone release on Xbox One and PS4 on December 12.

Square Enix also confirmed during the livestream that the team at Luminous Productions – which has been responsible for supporting Final Fantasy 15 throughout the years – is currently working on a new project, and it seems likely that it'll focus its full efforts on whatever that game is once Ardyn's DLC releases in March 2019. This new project is apparently the reason for all of these DLC cancellations, so hopefully it's worth the sacrifice.

So, for fans of Final Fantasy 15, this is likely disappointing news, but the silver lining is that some of the game's planned DLC is surviving this purge. We'll see what's next for Square Enix and Luminous Productions soon enough, so stay tuned for that, but head down to the comments section in the meantime to let us know if you were looking forward to the Final Fantasy 15 episodes that will now no longer see the light of day.