Final Cut X, Motion, Compressor apps updated with 3D in mind

Editing film via OS X is dead simple with iMovie, but some need more than Apple's core software can provide. For that, there's Final Cut Pro X, Apple's more robust (and expensive) video editing software. Today, the company is announcing some upgrades to the software, which should make 'prosumers' quite happy. With version 10.2, Final Cut Pro X has some flashy new 3D titles, and updates to the Motion and Compressor software make using all three a much richer experience.

With Final Cut Pro X, users can create 3D titles with easy drag-and-drop templates, or use cinematic templates with dynamic backgrounds and animations. Final Cut X also has more text styles, and new lighting and edging tweaks you can make. You can also transition between 2D and 3D titles and see the difference in real time. Final Cut Pro X also lets you see up to four scopes simultaneously for better color grading comparison.

Final Cut Pro X also supports more formats, like AVC-Ultra and XAVC-S. You can also use RED RAW files faster with GPU-accelerated transcoding, playback, and rendering.

Motion 5.2 brings you even more 3D titles, and brings in multiple light sources and cameras for those titles. The titles even cast shadows on other objects! Mask and shape creation is also improved, with Apple bringing in 12 new generator effects, enhanced controls, and improved key-framing.

Compressor4.2 is aimed at making movies better equipped for sale on iTunes, where those who might want to sell a film can package it all in one heap and let Compressor make it ready via an iTunes Store Package option. Faster GPU rendering, automatic bitrate calculation for MPEG-4 and H.264, and a new zoom-in feature for pixel accuracy round out headlining features.

The updates are available now. New users will need $299.99 for Final Cut Pro X, and $49.99 for Motion and Compressor.

Source: Apple