Final Cut saw blade cuts and sands at same time

I am a DIY kind of guy, in some instances anyway. I change my own oil; I can hook up your home theater and fix your computer. I'm not that great when it comes to building stuff from a pile of wood though. I can build it, but it might not be straight or stand up and stuff. If you like to build things that require power tools and wood the Final Cut saw blade may be the coolest gadget in your toolbox.

Final Cut looks like a plain old saw blade for your table saw. The difference is that on the sides of the saw blade where there is usually nothing, the Final Cut blade has sand paper. That means you can cut your trim pieces and sand the cuts at the same time.

I once had a dog named Gordy that liked to eat toilet paper, which was cool because he could drop a deuce and wipe at the same time. The Final Cut saw blade is sort of like good ol' Gordy taking care of two things at one time. You can get a 10-inch blade for $64.95 and replacement sand paper discs for $27 per four pack.