Filmmaker Rob Spence Has A Camera For An Eye

When filmmaker Rob Spence was nine years old, he was involved in an accident that resulted in the loss of sight in one of his eyes. Recently he decided to have that damaged eyeball removed and he replaced it with a false eye that has a camera inside.

The so-called eye-cam works like a normal camera, but it fits inside his eye socket and allows him to record what he sees. The big drawback to having a camera for an eye is that the first iteration of the eye-cam is prone to overheating and only allows Spence to record footage for three minutes at a time.

Spence invented the eye-cam himself and calls himself the Eyeborg. The idea of putting a camera in your eye socket is so strange and novel that Showtime focused an entire episode of its true-life series Dark Net on Spence.

As a filmmaker, Spence says that the camera in his eye allows him to conduct interviews without the intrusion of cameras or lenses. I guess that works out great for him so long as they are very short interviews. Those worried about privacy should note that the camera is far from subtle and is clearly not a normal eye. He hopes a future camera version will allow him to film for hours at a time.

VIA DailyMail

SOURCE Eyeborg