FileRoom wants to make your office papers useful with digitization

The folks behind FileRoom have an interesting idea for the modern office. They want to take all your paper – all the documents you've got stacked up around the office – and digitize the lot. They want to do some scanning of your paper, and make your paper-filled office into a far more streamlined operation. They want to make clear that they do not want the world to do away with paper altogether – they just want to be an integral (and simple to use) part of the process.

"Today, important paper almost always generates the need for quick digital action," said Jess Garza, CEO of Earth Class Mail. This group previously launched a service called MailRoom. MailRoom offers groups the ability to have their mail scanned and searchable automatically. The paper is still there – it's just far, far easier to access (without actually touching said paper with one's own hands).

The MailRoom and FileRoom services will allow offices to turn their piles of documents into "actionable" pieces of media. Once scanned, digital versions of documents can be searched through. You can search for the term "important" and find every piece of paper where the word "important" appeared.

Paper documents can be shared. They can be emailed, sent to cloud storage devices, downloaded, and stored. The Earth Class Mail system for FileRoom allows the business to organize their documents in folders, cabinets, and drawers – individual documents can be tagged, and action can be taken with relative ease.

Below you'll see the system with which users will be able to organize and take action on documents that've been scanned by Earth Class Mail. From here, all content is made actionable by Earth Class Mail from both MailRoom and FileRoom services.

To begin working with Earth Class Mail's FileRoom system, a group will take the first step with Magic Label. They'll log in and request a prepaid shipping label, for free, and ship their documents to Earth Class Mail for processing. Once shipped, the scanning takes place and the resulting files are classified and named according to conventions chosen by the sender.

With FileRoom, the folks at Earth Class Mail are aiming to expand what they've been doing for mail for over a decade and a half. Their whole system is provided at scale, and pricing and availability will be appearing at Earth Class Mail this week.